Low Temperature Cooling Systems
– down to -70°C

Flexible Rental of Low Temperature Cooling Systems

From ground freezing in tunnel constructions to the cooling of medical substances: Low temperature cooling systems are used in a wide variety of industries and sectors. The mobile rental systems fom S.O.S Rentals offers you a quick, uncomplicated and economic solutions for your individual needs.

Our portfolio of product ranges from compact 4 kW systems to low temperature units with cooling capacities up to 366 kW. This corresponds to temperature ranges from -15°C to -70°C. In between, you can choose from a variety of gradations and models. Find your suitable low temperature unit according to your needs!

Our Low Temperature Cooling Systems
at a glance

4kW at -70°C

26kW at -70°C

27kW at -50°C

54kW at -35°C

90kW at -35°C
100kW at -35°C

140kW at -35°C
177kW at -35°C

Air Handler

Discover the ultimate in efficiency and performance with our advanced air handler for chillers!Using the most advanced technology, our air handler ensure optimal air distribution and temperature control to meet your cooling needs.

Your Benefits of our Rental System

Our chillers are high performing, energy efficient and operational whenever you need them. Whether for short-term cooling capactiy or as long-term solution – we have the right product for you!


Due to our flexible rental periods, we can offer you customized solutions that does not involve any capital commitment. We react quickly, so that downtimes or other reasons for acute cold demand can be quickly intercepted!


Avoid high investment costs and reduce your operating costs by avoiding to purchuse high cost cooling systems.


Our chillers deliver top performance and are available 24/7 – equivalent to our additional services of maintenance.