Our chillers

Chillers up to 150kW

6 kW Chiller

14 kw Chiller

23 kW Chiller

28 kw Chiller

40 kW Chiller

84 kw Chiller

93 kW Chiller

110 kw Chiller

Chillers up to 1000 kW

150 kW Chiller

300 kw Chiller

200 kW Chiller

636 kw Chiller

Our low temperature cooling systems

4kW at -70°C

26kW at -35°C

27kW at -50°C

54kW at -35°C

90kW at -35°C
100kW at -35°C

140kW at -35°C
177kW at -35°C

Air Handler

Discover the ultimate in efficiency and performance with our advanced air handler for chillers!Using the most advanced technology, our air handler ensure optimal air distribution and temperature control to meet your cooling needs.