Cooling Rental: Flexible solutions for industry, events and emergencies

Rental cooling, also known as rental refrigeration, is the ability to rent temporary (cryogenic) cooling systems instead of buying or installing them permanently. This offers a flexible and cost-effective way to cover temporary or seasonal cooling requirements without making long-term investments in cooling systems.

Our rental park at a glance


Rent our efficient chillers for any event. Reliable cooling for your needs. Flexible. Effective. Ready for action.

Low temperature cooling systems

Discover our modern cryogenic systems. Efficient, reliable and customized for your needs – for maximum perfomance and optimal cooling.

Low temperature Container

Rent our efficient low temperature container for optimum storage. Perfect for sensive goods. Reliable, economical, flexible – maintain quality with our rental offer.

Benefits of Cooling Rental

Cost efficiency

Thanks to Cooling Rental, companies and private persons are able to avoid high costs of purchasing and maintaining cooling systems.

Flexibility & adaptability

Our rental cooling systems are flexible in size and capacity to meet customized requirements.

Rapid deployment

Our rental cooling systems are quickly available and can be installed in a short period of time to provide emergency cooling.

Service and support

We offer extensive service and support to secure a smooth operation of your service and business.

Application of Chiller Rental

The Rental of Chiller is applicable to a variety of industries and projects and offers your the most efficient, temporary cooling solution.


Rental cooling is a crucial component of event management, ensuring optimal comfort for attendees regardless of external weather condition. It plays a crucial role in regulating temperatures indoors, where traditional cooling systems may be insufficient. Rental cooling systems are adaptale, catering to the specific requirements of various events. For instance, at a mobile ice rink, rental cooling systems provide the necessary infrastructure to maintain ideal conditions


The utilization of rental cooling in the industry allows companies to streamline their production processes, maintain the quality of their product, and adapt flexibly to evolving requirements. As such, business can optimize efficiency and ensure smooth operations while staying responsive to changing demands

Emergency cooling

Rental solution is a crucial means to handle unforeseen situation and thus perfect for your emergency requirements. Whether due to equipment failure, power outages or unforeseen maintenance issues, the ability to swiftly deploy rental cooling units ensures minimal disruption to critical operations. Emergency cooling plays a vital role in safeguarding against potential losses and ensuring continuity of your business.

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